The Ghanaian Dream Diaspora Investment Forum builds bridges in Amsterdam

Written by Sylvia Kendy

The 25th of March 2022 marks the fifth edition of the Ghanaian Dream Diaspora Investment Forum held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Where almost 200 people keen to network and invest in Ghana and beyond, interacted with key speakers like H.E. John Kumah, Lorraine Wright MBE, Terry Afram and more, to tap into the opportunities of “building the Ghanaian Dream” and enforcing an entrepreneur driven continent.

To highlight the role of the Ghanaian government and Ghana’s investment opportunities, Hon. Dr. John Kumah, Dep. Finance Minister of the Republic of Ghana, a returning keynote speaker of the forum, emphasized on becoming a part of the larger ‘Ghanaian Dream’ stating that building a Ghana Beyond Aid Country is reliant on creating an “entrepreneurial nation.” With a strong vision on Ghana’s self-sustainability, he touched on strategic roles than can support Ghana’s largest investment potential, when we invest in agriculture, IT, minerals, real estate, and the tourism industry.

The forum was also backed by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), with Nana Dufie Addo, (COO) who unveiled GIPC’s various investment programs for the Diaspora, emphasizing that the “time is now” since there is a high return and a lot of untapped potential in the motherland.

Agriculture 2.0

Lorraine Wright MBE, British Ghanaian serial entrepreneur, known as the Chief side hustler, and co-founder of Grow For me, a web based Agricultural crowdfunding platform that funds farmers to scale and grow more crops, presented the untapped opportunities of agriculture and how to develop diaspora investments by shaping collaborations between the UK and Ghana.

Tech in Africa

Speaking of intercontinental opportunities, Samuel Brooksworth, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Remoteli, Africa’s fastest-growing tech-led outsourcing organisation, based in Accra, shared that in spite of COVID-19’s challenges business between Ghana and the rest of the world can succeed. Samuel emphasized his value on identifying local talent and understanding international markets. The serial entrepreneur also shared his rather real and confrontational moments kick-starting and eventually pitching his business on international platforms. His support system played a vital role in pushing forth his ideas to make bank.

Louis Manu, co-founder of Wi-Flix, business strategist and tech lead gave insights into how his business headquartered in the Netherlands, creates new opportunities for African creators on the continent. As one who passionately seeks to distribute African content his mission is to grow a monetizing space where creators receive a ‘fair share of the pie’.

Ghana and real estate

Ghana’s real estate, an urging topic among the audience, was covered by Goldkey, represented by Afua B. Owusu (Head of Sales and Marketing at GoldKey), who unveiled where potential real estate investors and property owners can strategically invest their money.

“Africa for me is definitely the land of milk and honey, but with a side of Kelewele, because just like Kelewele, Africa can be very sweet, but also very spicy.”

A concluding talk, led by the Terry Afram, Director of Bridge Partners and founder of TGDIF, sparked even more interest and conversations among the audience. On the topic of how he experiences his returnee journey, the founder admitted how Ghana’s system, the high-risk-high-return environment gives him a sweet and sometimes bitter taste. “Africa for me is definitely the land of milk and honey, but with a side of Kelewele, because just like Kelewele, Africa can be very sweet, but also very spicy.”, he shared. He admitted that returning or solely investing in Ghana has its challenges, but there are untapped opportunities the Diaspora should enjoy. He therefore prompts everyone to act now.

Nation building is a collective responsibility

The sold-out conference, which was moderated by MS.ABA – its third edition in Amsterdam-, brought about well-matched connections among, African professionals & entrepreneurs, key industry players, facilitators and service providers. As many expressed their desire for another edition this year, the forum concluded on this: “Nation building is a collective responsibility”.