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Our Story

Building your brand, strategy and image is our passion!

Get to know us

BYAustin is a Netherlands based brand & communications consultancy firm centralized in The Hague, the Netherlands. It’s our mission to help our diverse group of clients from start-ups, international organizations, institutions and public personalities to build a strong brand on international markets, specifically the African and Diaspora markets. We specialize in branding strategy, visuals, communications and business development. We have facilitated clients like Growing Business Together, a Dutch acceleration program for Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs, Uganda’s Best Farmers tour, Netherlands-Ghana Trade fair, Africa on Focus, the Hague African Festival and more. 

Making your brand matter

Standing out from your competitors is key in any market. And having a brand that handles its market with a strategy produces the results your business is looking for.  

We help you set up your channels to reach and engage with your audiences without losing your company values. Our team of independent specialists know what it takes to rightfully implement anything digital, media and social. We make you, you.


Our mission is to help every SME start strong from the get-go. We help you overcome the hurdles of building and engaging with your (online) audience on a consistent basis. Building your brand, strategy and image is our passion!

We’re a young and vibrant team who know the ins and outs of current branding and  communications. We work with international graphic designers, editors and content creators to provide the best service. 

How we work

Do you find it hard to connect and engage with your audience online? Do you want to know which online channels to implement for a good financial return? We sit down with you and get to the nitty gritty of what your brand is and we make sure you have presence online.

Channelling YOU!
You have set up your business or organization, now what? The next step is making sure your company description is consistent and clear on all online channels.

Content matters!
Placing an article, setting up social media or creating a video are great steps to getting ahead building an online presence. But the next challenge is drawing people to read it and discover your service or product. That’s where BYAustin comes in.

Book an appointment with us.  

Do you simply need affordable graphic designs work for your event, product, service or personal brand? Get in touch.

Our Team


Augustina Austin

Founder & Creative Director

BYAustin is founded by Augustina Austin, popularly known as MS.ABA. She is as a multifaceted-entertainer: a music artist, an award-winning radio-personality & broadcaster and communication strategist. She is passionate about brands!

Saaiqa Merali

Saaiqa Merali

Communications Assistant

Saaiqa Merali is a Communication and Media student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Born and raised in Tanzania and schooled in five other countries, Saaiqa is passionate about cultural diversity and inter-cultural communication. Currently filling the role of Communications Assistant at BYAustin, Saaiqa combines her interests with her love for copywriting, advertising and events.

Our partners

When your requirements doesn’t meet our services, we work with our partners to get you the best results. Are you also looking for business development or do you need an extensive website, like an e-commerce platform. We work with the following partners to make things happen.

Aonda Technologies (for your e-commerce web services and business development)
Frohost (for your e-commerce websites and web hosting)

Our Services

Our passion is to help you develop a strong brand. We offer the following services separately and collectively to suit your requirements.

Graphic Design

Having a suitable brand identity is essential for the marketing and promotion of your services or products. While you are getting things started with your business, let’s create your visuals. 

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We help you set up what’s needed to reach your target group effectively. We create editorial content, website and even help you present your business to your audience in public or on video. Nothing is crazy.

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Strategy Building & Management

Do you have your business or project ready? Do you want to know how to stand our from your competitors or implement all of your communications materials. Let’s strategize!

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Training & Consulting

We provide classes and workshops from (digital) media to pitch training. Do you want to learn how to effectively pitch your business? Do you want to know how to get things started before you launch your podcast, radio or online programs. Get in touch! We can help your team get things started.

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Our Clients

Communications Support & online communications

Growing Business Together
Heart of Grace
Emerging Markets Africa

Web Building & Content management

Amsons Audio
Heart of Grace
Augustina Online
Kings Bible College

Graphic Designs

Grace Chapel
Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) The Hague
Vital Foundation
Glorious Hair
T.C.A (Total Cleaning Aruba)
Kings Bible College
Act of Travel

Let’s talk about your brand or business!

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