Social Media Management and Website

How we work

Our goal is to set up a social media strategy and management that will support your brand. By engaging with your audience on the right platforms, we believe you can generate leads and increase your brand awareness. This is how we work.

  1. Meet & greet. To get things started, we need to know what you intend to achieve with your online communications or social media. We discover your company identity, values and target group. We also study your current strategy. Based on your requirements we will send you a price offer.
  2. Our recommendation. Based on our research, we will write up a recommendation and get things started.
  3. Shaping your strategy. Here is where we write your social media plan. We set up your online objective, goal, mission statement for each social media platform. We decide on who your online target audience specifically is, we plan your content grid and we measure your successes.
  4. Management and monitoring. Dependent on your package of choice, here is where we implement your strategy and measure the impact of the plan. We develop a monthly reflection to make sure we keep track of all progress.

Terms and conditions

Price offer
We will send you a price offer after our meet & greet. This offer is a price indication for our service(s). When your customized order has been done through email and you want to make use of our offer. Please, the amount to our bank account: NL82 KNAB 0257 7128 79 to BYAustin.

Our social media packages require a minimum of three months subscription. After the 3 month subscription you can end it with a one month notice. For enquiries and/or remarks. Please contact our management team via or fill in our contact form here.

Graphic design
Creating visuals is our cup-of-tea. Our team of content creators will create and develop the graphic content needed for your social media grid. 

Every month, we will send you  a social media update..

Additional work
Additional required work, like graphics, additional plug-ins and other will be implemented upon your approval. Our team will inform your fully on additional prices when necessary.

Engagements that generate leads or sales will be referred to your contact email address. BYAustin does not charge extra money for sales that are generated as a result of our social media management.