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Other Terms & Conditions

If you choose to join our email subscriptions list, the email address that you submit to us will be forwarded to MailChimp who provides us with email marketing services. We consider MailChimp to be a third party data processor.

Your email address will remain within MailChimp’s database for as long as we continue to use MailChimp’s services for email marketing or until you specifically request removal from the list. You can do this by unsubscribing using the unsubscribe links contained in any email newsletters that we send you or by requesting removal via email. While your email address remains within the MailChimp database, you will receive periodic newsletter-style emails from BYAustin.

What are your rights?
You have the right to ask BYAustin which personal details is being used and for what purposes. In this case you may require an overview through email. If you are convinced that your personal details are not used according to the mentioned guidelines. You may require an annulment or editing of your personal details.

BYAustin will let you know within two weeks if it can meet your requirements. Before a request is granted, BYAustin may ask for your personal details. Your personal request may be sent to:

Customer Service
BYAustin handles complaints and feedback through e-mail or submitted website. In case you have any question about the privacy statement, you can contact our customer service via

Telephone: +31 (0)6 847 364 02
Chamber of Commerce no.: 67200796
Bank account number: NL82KNAB0257 7128 79

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