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Time for a New Job? Here’s How to Decide (a BYAustin recommendation)

When times are challenging, you need to make smart choices. Choose the best MBA for you. Join the Access MBA online event and connect online with the world’s leading business schools such as Amsterdam Business School, Maastricht School of Management, Imperial College Business School, Hult International Business School, IESE Global Executive MBA, IE Business School, University of St. Gallen MBA-HSG, ESCP Business School, EU Business School, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen – RGU and many more. 

Ghanaian government seeks to create local employment through international partnerships

Written by Augustina Austin (BYAustin)Dutch Parliament welcomed Honourable Hon. Gifty Ohene-Konadu (One District One Factory) Ghana’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Her Excellency Ms. Sophia Horner-Sam and a select group of Ghanaian entrepreneurs on Tuesday 28 January 2020 to start conversations on building partnerships between Ghana and the Netherlands in various priority sectors.   Mr. Chris van Dam (House of Representatives in the Netherlands), emphasized the importance for transparency and how that remains for the Netherlands when

Ghana Business Fair

Ghana entrepreneurs spark international partnerships in The Hague

Written by Saaiqa Merali (BYAustin) An afternoon on Monday the 27th of January 2020 filled with beneficial insights into investments in Ghana and building partnerships with pre-established programmes run by Dutch governmental organisations. An intimate yet formal session hosted at the RVO; the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, this gathering saw the exchange of industry specific information between Ghanaian professionals and Dutch specialists that worked at embassies in East and West Africa. Audience members heard parties of

Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair

Ghana entrepreneurs spark international partnerships in The Hague

Written by Saaiqa Merali. The Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair kick-off event welcomed dignitaries, industry veterans and entrepreneurs to an introductory morning session on Friday the 24th of January at the prestigious New World Campus in the Hague. For a fourth year running, Vincent Gambrah of Afro Euro  and his team brought the business fair to engage and inform interested parties in the Netherlands about business and investment culture and opportunities in Ghana. This year, Mr. Gambrah

Choosing the right platforms | Instagram doesn’t answer all things

Did you know that Instagram doesn’t answer all things? In spite of having about 800 million users, many companies still find it difficult to navigate through the social media platform. And the truth is, not all of your clients make use of Instagram to actually find a  particular product or even a service. Here are our key findings. 1. Focus on a maximum of 3 online platforms as a starting point. 2. Find out where

Things we do for Likes!

How to choose the right social media channel

How do you choose the right social media platform? Here are a few things that helped us to figure it out. 1. What do you want to achieve? Is it sales? Or to make people excited about your brand? 2. Choose 2 or 3 platforms to focus on and let 1 have your full attention. Better have a few platforms that have your full focus than dividing it and mismanaging it.  (Hey, we don’t have

How to decide which social media platform suits your brand

We all know it: social media is the ‘thing’ now. Or at  least it seems that way. I receive the questions so many times: how can I use social media in the best way? Does it matter that I’m not on my phone all the time? The answer is: it’s not a problem until your target audience finds it difficult to find you online. The coming weeks we will get more into which social media

Join our community: Things we do for Likes!

In the “Things we do for Likes” group we discuss online tips and tricks we can use to improve our graphics, social media, photos, videos, blogs, websites for our business or brand. Join the community for content creators on Facebook and Youtube. You get to decide which interesting topics we will discuss. We will make sure you get all the needed information. Since it’s the start of the new month, let’s discuss our topics to

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