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The Expert Brand 

Unlock your brand potential with expert coaching and effective brand strategies.

Augustina “MS.ABA” Austin, founder of BYAustin, excels in entertainment, broadcasting, and empowering African Diaspora communities through strong branding and business.
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What is The Expert Brand? 

The Expert Brand is a customised brand growth program designed to build the brands of experts and startup founders in international markets. Through coaching and training activities you will know what it takes to kick-start your brand with ongoing activities to drive success. You will be equipped with the strategies needed to navigate your environment and to achieve your brand objectives.

  • The Expert Brand includes training content, models and materials.
  • It’s ideal for founders who are looking for guidance and knowledge to start their brand.
  • It’s suitable for experts who are looking for guidance to attract new opportunities.

Our Plans

Find your best fit.

Mini Workshop

In our brief workshop, you will have the opportunity to enhance your brand foundation. Over the course of two hours, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to establish your brand’s objectives, identity, and strategy. The workshop will cover various topics, including situation analysis, defining objectives, devising a strategy, taking action, and effectively managing your brand. This workshop is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to strengthen your brand.

  • 2-hour coaching session.
  • Workshop: brand scan (LinkedIn/Bio Audit), SOSTAC-model, brand design, content strategy tops, roadmap groundwork.
  • Follow up: 30-minutes check-in call.
  • Training materials to help you revisit your brand activities on a weekly basis.

Personal Coaching

During our personal coaching sessions, we will delve into effective branding strategies that will not only increase your brand’s visibility but also drive business growth. With a total of 6 sessions, you will gain a comprehensive roadmap to expand the reach of your brand. Topics covered include marketing strategy, defining business objectives, conducting competitive analysis, leveraging digital platforms, and developing a content strategy tailored to boost your brand’s visibility. Additionally, we will explore other strategies to ensure you can achieve your business objectives and effectively track your performance.

  • Coaching sessions: 6 sessions (60 minutes each).
  • One-on-one sessions: brand scan, business/brand objective, marketing strategy, target audience profiling, networking strategy, content plan, public speaking preparations.
  • Follow up: 30-minutes call for checking in.

Full Day Session

Join our full-day session and dive into your brand for a productive day. Gain the necessary tools to set up your roadmap and take action for the next 3 months. Learn about branding strategy, brand activities, digital marketing, target audience segmentation, and customized content strategy. Adapt to the changing market environment and acquire the skills you need.

  • Coaching session: 8 hours on location in The Hague or Amsterdam, the Netherlands.*
  • Training session: brand strategy, , business/brand objective, marketing strategy, target audience profiling, networking strategy, content plan, public speaking or media preparations.

*Includes: Lunch, unlimited coffee and tea.

*Optional at your organisation location for a maximum of 5 people.  

Why we are here..

Welcome to the space where we start with YOU. You’ve probably been having a pressing desire to kick start your strong brand, launch your business, podcast, website, book or simply step to the forefront as a speaker. But you probably don’t know where to start. This is why we are here.

  • We’re passionate about brands
  • Content and digital is our cup-of-tea
  • We’re skilled speakers, so we know what it takes to step to the forefront
BYAustin is a branding and communications consultancy firm servicing startups, brands, non-profits and organizations with an international character. It’s our mission to help you build a strong brand and business in international markets, African and Diaspora markets specifically. We specialise in brand strategy, visuals, communications and business development. Do you need help shaping your brand or business? We are here to help you elevate your brand!
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