Netherlands Ghana Business Fair

Dutch Parliament welcomed Honourable Hon. Gifty Ohene-Konadu (One District One Factory) Ghana’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Her Excellency Ms. Sophia Horner-Sam and a select group of Ghanaian entrepreneurs on Tuesday 28 January 2020 to start conversations on building partnerships between Ghana and the Netherlands in various priority sectors. 

 Mr. Chris van Dam (House of Representatives in the Netherlands), emphasized the importance for transparency and how that remains for the Netherlands when doing international business. Mustafa Amhaouch (Economic Affairs, House of Representatives in the Netherlands), shared some of the key instruments that are put in place to facilitate future collaborations between Ghana and the Netherlands.

Augustina Austin (BYAustin), chair for the meeting emphasized the importance of the role of the young Ghanaian Diaspora when instruments are put in place. Mr. Sumaila Mesuna, Chief Executive Officer of Maagamni, an Oil company based in Ghana shared how he worked his way up at an oil company founded from a Dutch-Ghanaian business partnership. His company currently employs over 500 people in Ghana.

Hon. Gifty Ohene-Konadu, shared the objective of One District One Factory Initiative which is to ignite Ghana’s industrialization. She sees an opportunity to create more local employment when international partnerships are put in place.

Both parties agreed that there are plenty success stories that indicate a healthy Dutch-Ghanaian business partnership. Her Excellency Ms. Sophia Horner-Sam shared her sentiment on the growing rate of agribusiness from Ghana to the Netherlands. “As a farmer in Ghana years ago, I struggled selling my pineapples sometimes. Now I see Ghanaian pineapples in the Albert Heijn. This gives me joy”.

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