Women about Business (Podcast and business community)

Date: March 2020

Client: Women about Business

Services: Podcasting and content writing

Women about Business

Meet Women about Business, a monthly conversation led by noted young Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs MS.ABA, music artist and brand consultant and Kimberly Ofori a passionate entrepreneur and scale up consultant to empower global African women in their entrepreneurial journey.

The two young entrepreneurs discussed MS.ABA’s mission to empower and connect the young African Diaspora through her radio show: Africa on Focus. A weekly entrepreneur focused radio program on Hiradio aimed to empower young global Africans. Kimberly Ofori, who is a like-minded consultant holds a record of successfully starting platforms like Apreneur, a social network for African professionals. She shared her passion to empower women entrepreneurs to always place high value on their work. The common missions embarked their Women about Business goal as a reoccurring collaboration.

Watch the video below and find out more about Women about Business and which goals both entrepreneurs are yet to accomplish.  

Look out for Women about Business on Hiradio on Sunday the 3rd of May. The segment returns every first Sunday of the month during Africa on Focus at 7pm CET and 5pm GMT.

Find out more about MS.ABA on her official website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also find out more about Kimberly Ofori on her official website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.