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The Founder

Augustina “MS.ABA” Austin

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BYAustin is founded by Augustina Austin, popularly known as MS.ABA. She is as a multifaceted entertainer: a music artist, broadcaster and communication strategist. In 2016 she founded BYAustin, where she has made it her mission to help a diverse group of clients from start-ups, international organizations and non-profits to build a strong brand within the African Diaspora markets. She has worked as an editor and communication executive for companies like Eneco, This is Africa/Ghetto Radio and Truvalu.startups (formerly known as iMPACT Booster).

Augustina discovered that start-ups often run into the hurdles of mastering digital marketing and communications, due to lack of time or budget.  She also discovered that starting off with a strong brand identity was often regarded as costly in the beginning stages of doing business. BYAustin intends to be an easy and practical guide for companies to start their business with a strong brand, appeal and online presence.  Augustina’s experience in African and African Diaspora markets adds a fresh perspective on utilizing a strong brand combined with business development.

For over 10 years Augustina has passionately worked towards connecting the young African Diaspora with the African continent. In 2009 she represented the Dutch-Ghanaian community by winning Face of Ghana, a beauty pageant aimed to grow the young Ghanaian generation in the Netherlands. As reigning queen, she has facilitated various charitable initiatives for Ghana based organisations.

She has also been a board member and communication executive of Young Ghanaian Professionals Benelux, a Dutch-Ghanaian union for career development, for over 7 years.

It is Augustina’s mission to connect Ghanaian diaspora communities of professionals and businesses to capacities and potential incentives for permanent or temporary returns, investments, knowledge transfers, tourism or philanthropy in Ghana. The founder builds communities to support Diaspora development and women empowerment alike, such as Women about Business, SHERO Collective and Africa on Focus. Augustina has served as a board member for Ghanaian and black education development initiatives, like a King in Ghana and Heart of Grace.

Augustina also provides pitch, media training and content strategy classes. She regularly performs as a music artist in the Netherlands and Ghana. The presenter also hosts her weekly radio show: Africa on Focus on Hi-radio every Sunday from 7pm (CET).

In 2018, MS.ABA was awarded by the Tema Citizens Club of the Netherlands for Outstanding vision, dedication and distinguished service to the Ghanaian community of the Netherlands. In August 2019, the presenter won Best Radio Presenter of the Year by the Swedish based Afro-Diaspora Influential Awards.

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